Our Story

Our story is nothing special, we’re just like any ordinary family trying to get by. We opened our first online store in 2012, Fanatic Fusion, inspired by our addiction to online gaming. We love people who are fanatical about the things they love and we try to provide unique products and gear devoted to the true fanatics.

I’ve owned a small business since the 1999, and I’ve learned that quality service is a very important part of owning a business. We try to provide quality products, at an affordable price, backed up by great service. To us that is the prefect mixture, we don’t want to take your money and give you some junk, we want you to be happy after your purchase and cherish that item for years to come. We try to bring you items that are fun and that you will enjoy. We hope you like those items and share those things with your friends.

We like to thank you for visiting and purchasing from one of our sites. Keep in mind, we try to get your item shipped as soon as possible, and if you have any problems please contact us.

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